Carvacol (Oregano Oil)

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Quantum Oregano Oil 1/2 fl oz

Oil of oregano

Essential oil of oregano, specifically Origanum vulgare, the true oregano species. Unbelievably, most oregano and oregano oils available in the U.S. are from non-oregano species (mostly marjoram or thyme), they are acutally mislabelled!!! These non-oregano species may not be harmful, buy they do not have the potent healing support of true wild oregano.*

The most active ingredient in wild oregano is carvacrol, a potent, naturally occurring compound which is used to assist the body in addressing the effects of all types of microbes such as bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites. Synthetic phenol, also known as carbolic acid, a strong antiseptic, was for much of the 20th century the standard by which all other antiseptics were measured. Yet the "killing action" of naturally occuring carvacrol is unmatched in its antimicrobial actions. For example, in 1994, a scientific team at the National Institue of Pediatrics in Mexico published research showing that oregano had superior killing effects on giardia, a protozoan creating distressing bowel infections. Oregano tested superior even to tinidazol, the drug commonly used to treat giardia infections.*

It takes 100 lbs. of oregano to make 1 lb. of the essential oil of wild oregano. This concentrated natural oil is very powerful. The oil of oregano contains over 50 compounds which exhibit antimicrobial actions, although carvacrol is the main one. In addition, the oil of oregano has excellent anitoxidant properties, notably labiatic and p-hydroxy-hydrocaffeic acid.*

Wild grown from Turkey, this true oregano species is processed at low temperatures without chemicals. Carvacrol naturally contains 50 powerful, anit-infection compounds.

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