CGL 28-Day Metabolic Cleanse Program

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The Clean, Green and Lean 28-day Metabolic Cleanse Program combines the easy-to-follow toxicant avoidance steps for the diet and the home, as found in the book Clean, Green and Lean, with targeted nutritional formulas that support and assist the body in clearing toxicants and restoring metabolic balance.

According to the latest report from the United States Centers for Disease Control ( over 110 toxic environmental chemicals have been found in virtually every North American resident. These same toxicants have been shown to cause the most common healthcare problems as well, including: fatigue, obesity, diabetes, asthma, allergies, autoimmunity, chemical sensitivity, brain fog, memory and mood problems, infertility, ADHD, autism and hundreds of other problems.

Fortunately, the vast majority of these powerful poisons can be rapidly cleared from you body once you stop the ongoing exposures. This means that reducing your intake of toxicants in your home air and in your diet are CRITICAL STEPS for you to regain your health and vitality.

In addition to reducing your intake of toxicants the nutritional formulas in this kit will assist your body by supporting the rapid clearance of the toxicants, supporting the ability of the body to repair the damage done by the toxicants, and replete the levels of nutrients most commonly depleted by our toxic environment.

Introducing the nutritional components of the Clean, Green and Lean 28-day Metabolic Cleanse.

CGL Pro GI Soothe is a combination of specially process rice protein (vegetarian) with extra vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals that support and assist the liver in metabolizing toxic compounds. Take 2 scoops daily in rice or almond milk, water or juice.

CGL Berry Power Greens is a delicious, energizing “phytonutrient” powder mix loaded with certified organic, whole food plant extracts supplying a super blend of completely natural vitamins, trace minerals, powerful antioxidants with healthy probiotics. The 1 gram of fiber in each scoop also promotes health bowel flora, which is a major key to whole body health and proper cleansing – 1 scoop daily in water or juice.

CGL Broccolinate is a broccoli extract containing all the powerful sulforaphane compounds that support and enhance the liver to clear toxic compounds (by up-regulating two of the major Phase 2 liver pathways) and by supporting the ability of the body to resist cancer development and growth.  Broccoli is one of the main Super Nutrients and is foundational in overall health -  1 cap daily.

CGL Dual-Tox DPO is a wonderful combination of botanicals and nutrients that further support the liver in clearing toxic compounds efficiently from the blood stream - 3 caps daily.

CGL Mag Plex Ultra is present because magnesium in one of the most commonly deficient nutrients in all individuals and is lost in higher amounts in the presence of environmental toxicants. Ultra Mag Plex is a highly absorbable magnesium lysyl glycinate chelate combined with Albion Advance Nutrition’s patented di-magnesium malate.  - 1 cap twice daily (if your stools become loose reduce to once daily, if your stools are hard and dry you may need extra).

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